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The Real Estate industry has been charging fees the same way for decades. 30 years ago, the only properties that buyers would see were the ones that real estate agents are showing. Today, 90% of buyers are already home shopping online before discussing with his/her agents. Epstein & Pierce Real Estate believes that with different services, different fees should be charged to customers. We have programs that give buyers up to 2% rebates and listing programs that start at 1% for sellers. Please contact us for more information. ($500 admin fee addition)

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address11320 Random Hills Rd. #120
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Epstein & Pierce Real Estate
11320 Random Hills Rd. #120
Fairfax, VA 22030




Michael guided us through our first home sale. We could not have asked for a more knowledgeable and professional Realtor. Any questions we had he was always there to help. We got our first offer within 72 hours and under contract within 4 days of being on the… (more)


I am very happy with Mr. Lee’s professionalism and attention to detail. Finding a house is a very stressful experience. Mr. Lee took the time to explain the little details to my wife and I which made it a lot less stressful. Mr. Lee was available to us at all… (more)


I was very happy to had worked with him. He was always responsive and prompt. He had never let me down throughout the closing process even though he gave me back a high percentage of his commission. The quality of his work was beyond my expectation. I highly… (more)

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